by Bouncy Sea

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This is our first release, a 'cassingle' if you will. On Side A is the theme that kickstarted this band, Rollerskate. On Side B is the song about singing your own song, or following your own drummer, or tooting your own horn, whatever you prefer.


released March 1, 2010

Brian Courtney: Vox, Bass, Trumpet, Guitars, Songwriting
David Appelman: Tenor Sax on Roam
Dylan Wissing: Drums and Percussion on Rollerskate
Jake Belser: Mixing for Rollerskate



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Bouncy Sea Bloomington, Indiana

It's that bouncy cassette you jammed to, it's the bouncy C you played, it's the H20 of humanity grooving to a universal groove. The 10's and beyond project of Brian Courtney and directly linked to previous bands Flattus and Mental Afro.

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Track Name: Rollerskate
When you want to rock tonight, I understand if you can't wait
Cause when you rollerskate tonight, your body feels so lightweight
When you want to fly away, just float into another day
When you rollerskate tonight, your mind and body feel alright

I know you want to rollerskate, rollerskate I know you want to rollerskate, tonight

When you want to roll tonight, I know what will ease your pain
Cause when you rollerskate tonight, that's one way it will go away
When you want to glide away, just bend into the corner bay
When you rollerskate tonight, the disco ball will light your way

I know you want to rollerskate, rollerskate I know you want to rollerskate, tonight

When you really skate all night, there’s nothing else you want to do
Cause as you rollerskate tonight, the good vibes will all flow through you
When you want to bounce away, just lean into the straight-a-way
When you rollerskate all night, everybody’s on the floor with you
Track Name: Roam
Some assume what you're thinking about
Some will try to tell you what you believe
Only you know what you are all about
Because in your mind you're always free

All this time you've been thinking about
All the things you want to do and see
Now you turn it back around and you
See them as clearly as they can be

You got to roam
You got to sing your own song

Now you're off to see what you will do
Set your course or simply roam free?
Dig into it with all you got
All you got is what you believe

You got to roam
You got to sing your own song
Track Name: Floatin (acoustic)
Like a Bird You can Fly and Simply Float into Space
All the Time it's Your Mind that's Taken you Where you Think
Say the Word and it Heard in your Own Reality
Then Your Soul takes it forth and It Becomes Your Day

Don't You Let the Outside World, Get your Inside Down
Always keep you Heart and Soul with Your Inner Sound
Then You'll see you'll rise above Your troubled times
Your Cares are Down below and you're Floatin high

Like a sun you can shine Your Energy emanates
Without word you are Heard you See it all on Your Face
Every time that you Feel that your Energy's a little less
Fill it up from the Ether with an Enormous Breath

Like the ground you Astound with Your Ability
To Transform anything just by your will with Ease
Stand firm when you say that You're gonna Live a Better Life
Then Your Dream changes into Your reality Paradise